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The Dangers of Mosquitoes & How to Avoid Them

You can find mosquitoes nearly anywhere on the planet, and Ohio is certainly no exception. These bugs vex you with their bites and exasperate you with their incessant buzz—mosquitoes certainly qualify as pests. But many people don’t know that mosquitoes also present a health risk. A mosquito can carry serious diseases that threaten your pets and your family.

Fortunately, you can fight back against these insects. And you don’t have to fight alone. Family Pest Solutions offers mosquito control and removal in ohio and surrounding areas.  

Learn More about Mosquitoes

You can recognize a mosquito by their thin body, long legs, and diminutive size—mosquito actually translates to “little fly” in Spanish. Both male and female mosquitos feed on nectar and other plant juices, but females also need to feed on blood to develop fertile eggs, much like fleas.

When mosquitoes feed on a human host, proteins in their saliva enter the blood stream and encourage blood flow. The human immune system fights back against the saliva, causing redness, swelling, and itching. The immune reaction can last for up to a week in some cases.

However, the real danger from a mosquito bite is the potential to contract a disease. Some of the diseases mosquitoes carry include:

  • West Nile Virus—most people who contract this disease don’t develop symptoms, but around 20% of people will develop a long-lasting fever.
  • Dengue—a fever transmitted through Aedes mosquitoes that causes pain, fatigue and mild bleeding.
  • Malaria—this infectious disease is caused by parasites spread by mosquitoes. Symptoms often come weeks after the initial bite.

Some mosquitoes also transfer dangerous diseases, such as heartworm, to pets.

Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Home

You can greatly reduce the chance of mosquitoes by removing their natural habitat—standing water. Without standing water, mosquitoes cannot breed. A pond, bird bath, or water feature might seem like an obvious target, but even smaller sources of water like rain caught in a flower pot saucer or wheelbarrow could attract mosquitoes.

Remove these sources of stagnant water, or at least exchange the water often to discourage mosquito breeding. When traditional mosquito control fails, specific removal and prevention techniques from a pest control specialist can help.

When you call us for help with mosquito removal, our technicians will discuss your options and provide you with an estimate. We focus on organic, low-impact, and non-toxic solutions to keep your yard, pets, and children safe. If you have a mosquito problems call us today.